New Wordburglar Podcast Debut!

Did you ever like a movie but don’t know if you still do? Then “Do You Still Like This?” is the new podcast you just might like!

Every month our very own SJ The Wordburglar and a special guest will watch a movie they used to like to see if it still holds up – pretty simple right? Pretty funny too.

Tune in now on Stitcher, iTunes, and everywhere you listen to podcasts, and if you like it please tell a friend!

Here are some links:

Do You Still Like This? STITCHER

Do You Still Like This? SPOTIFY

Do You Still Like This? GOOGLE PODCASTS

Do You Still Like This? RADIO PUBLIC

(And yes, Wordburglar’s original podcast Weekend At Burgie’s is going strong – catch up on 30 episodes right here).


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