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  1. Yo Word, the new record is killer. I play that shit all the time on my radio show. Music Eats Its Young on CJSW 90.9 fm. Just want to know when your coming to Calgary so I can rock out to these jams live in the flesh!

    p.s. Bill Mosienko rocked my socks right off!!

    1. Dude, I’m such a bonehead, I didn’t even see that you responded to my message, and totally missed that show! Dickens too!! That was probably a wicked show. I thought I would see or hear something in the local mags when you were in town. Damn! Now I must ask yet again. Are you Calgary bound soon? I’ll be there this time for sure.

  2. Just pulled everything Burg down from iTunes ! 100+ of awesome material and still looking for the classic obg Pictou Rap! Remember playing that on CKDU around…1993? Ha! Ive got a lot to catch up on. So much great stuff here! Thx for the Halifax memories (Channel Halifax) for all of us scattered all over the map. Shows in L.A. in the cards in 2017?

    1. Wow thanks Todd! Great to hear from you man – you gave me my first radio play all those years ago. Hope you’re doing well and definitely will let you know when I make it to LA in 2017!

  3. would love to do an interview
    with you next week when you are in Halifax.
    Love Channel Halifax. can you drop me an email let
    me know when you arrive.

  4. Wordbuglar, the original verb hurdler.

    Whats the chances of you performing in the UK some time this or next year? Have you ever even had the chance?


    1. Hi Sean, I have played in the UK before – I played in Shoreditch last time I was there. No immediate plans at the moment but I’m always up for a trip across the pond. Hopefully when my next album drops I can make another trip there. As always if you know anyone who would be interested in setting up a show feel free to send them to Peace!

      1. Word-Burgie, still waiting on this new album. Actually cant wait. Will keep an ear out for opportunities for you to come this side, aint my industry though. Failing that I will have to time a trip to Canada with one of your shows. Feeling Boombaparang and McGuffin Device man! Spreading the word.

  5. Yo, Burg. Any plans for a Philly show any time soon? The City of Brotherly Love needs its its pronouns purloined, its nouns nicked, and its adverbs abducted!

  6. Hello Wordburglar!

    I thought I read that you were going to have a show in Vancouver on the 27th of September. I can’t seem to find where I saw that, and I was wondering if it was a dream or reality?

    Hoping it’s real,

    Brad 🙂

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