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        1. Hey Steve sorry for the delay, here are the lyrics for “WORD CURRENCY”. I’ll try and post the others soon:


          VERSE 1
          I put you outta work, like Actors in Saskatchewan
          After Corner Gas was gone. What kinda raps you want? Burgie’s a crazy spitter – your mom loves me more than finding a baby sitter.
          A major hitter like George Bell In 84 well, now you’re talking Orwell, like Orange Smell you want this flavour but that ain’t fair to me,
          you couldn’t win 50/50 if you were the charity. Ha! Hiliarity! Call me Carl Reiner as a backpack rapping underground alt-rhymer who been bumping more heads than tall miners and ain’t mad about you – like Aliens eating Paul Reiser. Get it? Merry Christmas, that’s for y’all rewinders, thanks for sticking with this like Wall-Climbers. Cause Wordburg is for the kids like Mall Shriners, always meeting new people like I got Alzheimer’s.

          But look, I don’t want to belabor the point /
          This is a State Mint – where fresh phrases get coined /
          Into Word Currency making resumes void /
          Rapplicable Skills keep me staying employed /
          Major labels? They can keep replacing the droids /
          I’m not playing that noise like someone breaking my toys/
          I take it straight to your table bringing flavour to joints /
          A Proud member of every fave playlist I joined /

          VERSE 2
          Sparking fire flows like I was raised by Khaleesi. “But how you write your rhymes?” I type ‘em in Calibri. I be the MC with enough spit to end a drout, here to give you something cool to tell your friends about. “No doubt!” Going nowhere, you can’t get me to quit, you’re better off trying to decrypt scripts with Kimmy Schmidt. Unbreakable as them and M night shamalam, hard to believe like “Eminem’s a nice family man?” Yes I am independent trying to win the pennant, a tenant paying rent with words I’m penning – ten in. Not pretending I’m doing – put it in ALL CAPS: Wordburglar – the rap Brody from Mallrats. All that! Plus a Swiss Chalet Festive Special with the Toblerone! Keeping Extra Terrastials phoning home! So if after this you won’t give my songs a chance I’ll be surprised – like hearing you’ve never owned jogging pants.


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